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Save "forge" now
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We want to streamline the process to add a new code hosting platform to our regular crawling queue, similarly to the currently available save code now feature.
In a nutshell:

  • a user-facing form that allow any user to submit the URL of a new code hosting platform, specifying the technology used on that platform (this is similar to the interface used for the "Save code now" feature)
  • the request goes into a moderation queue for human review through an admin interface similar to the one for Save Code Now
  • if accepted, the process continues as described in T1537.

We need to think about the name we decide to use for this feature: "Save Forge Now" is appealing but misleading, as it will take time to actually save the full state of the forge (it will not be "now"), and we actually to more, as this is not a one shot operation, but an addition to the regular crawling. "Add Forge Now" would correspond more to the reality.