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Develop a "Add forge now" mock-up
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Let's do a mock-up of the functionality.

That should help in bootstraping this:

  • a bit of code to actually have some views to show/play with [1]
  • take some screenshots to document alongside
  • exchange on what's not so great and can be improved
  • finally make it evolve into the real thing (with tests and all)

[1] opt-in in staging, out in production for example

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ardumont triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 17 2021, 11:23 AM
ardumont created this task.

Listing and submission view with a standard user (or anonymous):

Admin/Moderation view accessible to admin/ambassador:

(screenshots out of my local changes running in docker)

Choosing the right icon for the new menu entry is hard.
The currently chosen and demonstrated in the previous comment is 'mdi-content-save-all'.

I've got other potential choices [1]:

  • mid-anvil
  • mdi-folder-multiple-plus-outline
  • mdi-chevron-double-down
  • mdi-source-branch-sync
  • mdi-clipboard-check-multiple-outline
  • mdi-cloud-sync
  • mdi-cloud-download

I'll let this be for now.

[1] (open that page and look for the name mentioned if you are curious)

I changed to mdi-anvil so that might help relate to a forge ;)

@bchauvet We can close this now that we have a first iteration of the ui deployed on staging, can't we?

No longer needed as the full functionality got developed and deployed now.