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add forge now - add columns to list of requests
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in the request list admin view (request dashboard), add the following columns :

  • name of the moderator or admin who handled the request for the last time
  • date/time of last request update

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bchauvet lowered the priority of this task from High to Normal.
bchauvet created this task.
ardumont renamed this task from add forge now - add columns to requests list to add forge now - add columns to list of requests.Mar 24 2022, 3:31 PM

Hey @bchauvet ,
I'd like to give this a shot.
Since the submission date is already present, will the name of the moderator suffice?

hey @bchauvet , i want to work on this. @anirudhlakhotia i would love to collaboratively work on this issue

@arishmauryaa I've finished the task already though :(
It's ready for a diff
If there's anything else to add, maybe you could add that?