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add tooltip on add forge now request status
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In the Add forge now requests list, display a tooltip with the status description on the status label

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bchauvet triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 21 2022, 5:26 PM
bchauvet created this task.

hey there, I would like to work on this task. please guide me on what is to be done.


see my comment [1] which is still mostly valid (beyond the linked code source line which is not the same for this need).

It's up to you to propose a solution that will do what's described in the task description.
For reference, there is an existing implementation in the save code now view so please have a look at it for inspiration.

[1] T4078#82019


hey sir, I am new to this platform. I have been looking around for how this works and it's a bit tricky. I hope you can help me by breaking it into steps so I can follow through.

Warm regards
Pranay Prajapati

Maybe look for some 'tooltip' keyword in the swh-web repository.
And that might give some insight as how we are using it [1]?

Note that I've given you that hint using the web ui but the 'grep' command can be more
helpful on a local clone of that repository (to limit result to html or js files).


Hi ardumout, I will like to work on this if available

it's ardumont (i won't be highlighted otherwise;)

Sure, go ahead and propose a diff.

Hi ardumout, I will like to work on this if available

hey @gabbyprecious I am working on this task and almost ready to deploy a PR.

I am working on this task and almost ready to deploy a PR.

great, you can propose your solution as a diff though (not a PR), see our contributing guide about it [1]



sir, can you give me an example of how the tooltip should look?

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hey @ardumont can you tell me briefly how to setup this do i have to use docker image or anything else this is my first time please explain a little

Hello @arishmaurya , it is on the add-forge-now admin dashboard view but isn't open publicly yet (from @ardumont 's comment on

You can still work on this though using the docker images and make it run locally.
Then adapt the code to make the currently displayed field forge_url a link.
For this, you need to adapt the following code [1].
And then checks with your swh-web instance locally runnlng that the link is now displayed as an url link (instead of raw text).