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Review guided tour and collect feedback from testers
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This task is to collect feedback from testers of the guided tour.

Testers can be staff or ambassadors.

To open the guided tour: click on the help icon in the left menu after logging in with a staff or ambassador account.

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moranegg triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 20 2021, 12:07 PM
moranegg created this task.

Thanks @anlambert for this very intuitive guided tour!

Here are my comments:

  1. the first 2 slides are redundant (welcome + homepage) - keep only welcome
  2. usage of "that" can be reduced:
    • slide 'help icon' - switch 'that' with 'the'
    • that for => you can
    • that list => the list / here
  3. Visit software origin: switch "You can visit the software origin URL where source code was captured from by following that link." to "You can go directly to the source by clicking on the icon"
  4. Origin visit date: delete second sentence
  5. As @ardumont suggested in the parent task, delete "here" from the tabs slides and directly have "You can" (also on branch tip revision)
  6. in Get SWHIDs of browsed objects: delete text and have something about the SWHIDs:
The **SWHID** (Software Heritage Identifier), is an intrinsic identifier that is computed uniquely from the software artifact itself.
All details about the syntax, semantics, interoperability and implementation can be found in [the formal specification](
  1. is it possible to show the difference of the SWHID with and without context?
  2. I think that the "Select archived object type" slide is hard to understand if you don't know the archive (let's see how the ambassadors react to it)
  3. In "Browsing a source code file"- change to:
    • You just arrived in the source code file view. Let's check a few extra features
  4. Be clearer that an action from the user is needed in "Highlight a source code line", make the text for the action in bold
    • Now it is your turn to try: Click on the line number to highlight the corresponding line of code.
  5. same in "Highlight a range of source code lines" : make the text for the action in bold
  6. slide "End of guided tour";
    • change title to "Guided tour completed"
    • change text to "Thank your for following our guided tour !"
    • I wasn't redirected at the end of the tour as suggested in this text "You will be now redirected to the page you were browsing prior launching it."
  1. after the lines slides, you can imagine how it is a qualifier on a SWHID but you can't see it. Might be useful to open again the permalink box to see.