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Help new users discover the features available in the archive browsing view
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The archive browsing view is feature rich. Once a new user is shown how to use a feature, it is immediately understood, but there are seveal features that are non obvious until shown, like the Permalinks tab and the way to select a code fragment by clicking+shift-clicking on the line numbers.

Best practice in modern web applications is to offer newcomers a "guided tour" with popups that highlight the different non obvious features. This guided tour can be disabled when the newcomer had enough. It is helpful to also add a way to take the tour again if needed.

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I really like the idea !

In order to properly implement this, we need to:

  • review existing javascript guided tour libraries and pick one that will fulfill our needs
  • find a way to configure the UI elements we want to highlight and explain in the guided tour, in order to easily add new guidelines as new browsing features get landed

Ok, this is the way we'll go, merging in T3196 that is now obsolete.

The guided will allow to showcase all the features packed into the interface of the archive view: permalinks, code fragment selection, visits, history, save code now, download, etc.

The intro.js library seems pretty simple to use, can be configured through JSON, can provide guided tour but also UI hints and is highly customizable.

This is the first library I reviewed but it looks like a good candidate for our needs.

Bootstrap Tour also looks great, simple to use, easy configuration, also a good candidate.

chardin.js library is also interesting, it creates a simple overlay to display instructions on existent elements instead of using popups.