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Deploy vault "git bare" tarball cooker (swh-vault v0.6)
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This requires:

  • the swh.vault v0.6
  • some changes in the default configuration [1] so the vault benefits from using objstorage and graph [2] services.

First staging then production if everything is ok.

[1] P1077

[2] The graph service is not ready for prime time, it needs some packaging and internal reworking regarding the existing swh.graph.client module (possibly to be moved to swh.web.client)

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Debian build is broken [1], currently investigating to reproduce/fix it.

Well, swh.graph is not debian packaged yet so the build was missing that dependency.

The path forward was either:

  • 1. at least build one debian package for swh.graph.client module (that's the part the vault requires at the moment)
  • 2. make the dependency on swh.graph optional (because the vault is opt-in for using it)

So, as there has been discussion about moving the swh.graph.client python code part to
swh.web.client [1], the solution was to not depend on it yet. Thus the solution 2. got
selected [2].

[1] P1079

[2] D5935 D5938


  • unstable build is fine.
  • stable build failed [1] [2]

This task feels like more and more like a boring whack a mole game.


[2] P1082

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