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Write mailmaps after cooking git-bare archives with display names?
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Currently, the vault fetches original revision and release artifacts as-is, and ignores display names. This is needed to reproduce git artifacts without crashing git-fsck or git-clone while keeping the original hash that was requested.

However, this means that display names are not honored at all.

An option we should consider is adding an extra commit at the tip of every branch, to add a mailmap to the display names.


  • the display names would be used when using git log or importing the cooked repository on a forge like GitHub


  • the map between original names and display names is made explicitly available
  • the requested SWHID would no longer match the tip revision, but its parent

There is also the issue of annotated tags: we cannot add a child tag, so we would need to rewrite it, changing its hash entirely and invalidating its gpgsig. Ditto when adding a commit to the tip of the annotated tag. What should we do about that?