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Refactor the person table
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It appears that the author specifications in some git commits are more free form than name <email>:

  • some omit the name and keep the space ( <email>)
  • some omit the name and the space (<email>)
  • some have trailing spaces (name <email> )

I believe our way out is adding a fullname field to the person table, and making the name and email field "secondary" fields that are filled if we were able to parse the fullname.

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olasd created this task.Apr 7 2016, 2:28 PM
zack added a comment.Apr 7 2016, 2:42 PM

after F2F discussion: ACK! /o\

  • id remains PRIMARY KEY
  • fullname is a new column, UNIQUE
  • name and email are NULLABLE, and filled only if we can parse them (note: empty string != NULL here, and both are meaningful)
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