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Deposit: Clean up no longer used swh_anchor* ids
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In a dedicated task because there are quite some technical impacts:

  • D3166: deposit specs and docs
  • D3166: deposit status read api
  • D3166: deposit tests in general...
  • D3166: deposit private update status api
  • D3166: deposit client cli
  • loader-core: update the private api call to update the deposit status
  • D3167: swh-web: deposit admin cli
  • D3167: admin deposit ui which parses the output of the deposit admin cli
  • icinga check on pergamon
  • icinga-plugin deposit scenario

Also, that should should not prevent the main tasks to be closed. As a first
milestone, the deposit are now using the new SWHIDs.

Note: After further analysis, striked entries are no longer impacted.

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ardumont updated the task description. (Show Details)
ardumont updated the task description. (Show Details)