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Cassandra as a storage backend (meta-task)
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Meta task to get my thoughts in order about adding a Cassandra backend to swh-storage. (Started in april)

  • have a draft implementation
  • benchmark to check the performances are not catastrophic
  • increase test coverage of all behaviors of swh-storage (D 1534 to 1552)
  • numeric origin ids
    • define a replacement T1731
    • get rid of numeric origin ids in all storage clients T1816
    • public API v2 T1805 (postponed)
  • Add the draft Cassandra backend to the docker env
  • Run the draft Cassandra backend with production data
  • Rewrite the Cassandra backend using the experience learned working on the draft
  • Add it to the docker env
  • Write a storage proxy component, that queries two backends and compares their results, to check they are the same; and run it in the docker env
  • Run it with production data
  • Deploy in production (possibly with the proxy at first)