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staging: vault: Deploy v1.0.0
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Deploy latest vault:

  • ensure debian jenkins builds are fine
  • swh.vault
  • swh.web

Cache invalidation is required to avoid migrating the actual model change.
That means truncate the bundle and cleaning up the objstorage.

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  • Stop puppet
  • Stop gunicorn-swh-vault
  • Schema migration [1]
  • Clean up the objstorage [2]
  • Start back gunicorn-swh-vault
  • Upgrade staging workers and webapp nodes with latest swh.vault
  • Try a cooking and check result
truncate vault_batch cascade;

drop table vault_bundle cascade;
drop type cook_type;

create type bundle_type as enum ('flat', 'gitfast', 'git_bare');
comment on type bundle_type is 'Type of the requested bundle';

create table vault_bundle (
  id bigserial primary key,

  type bundle_type not null,
  swhid text not null,  -- requested object ID

  task_id integer,  -- scheduler task id
  task_status cook_status not null default 'new',  -- status of the task
  sticky boolean not null default false, -- bundle cannot expire

  ts_created timestamptz not null default now(),  -- timestamp of creation
  ts_done timestamptz,  -- timestamp of the cooking result
  ts_last_access timestamptz not null default now(),  -- last access

  progress_msg text -- progress message
create unique index vault_bundle_type_swhid
  on vault_bundle (type, swhid);
create index vault_bundle_task_id
  on vault_bundle (task_id);

insert into dbversion (version, release, description)
values (4, now(), 'Initial version');


root@vault:~# grep vault_cache /etc/softwareheritage/vault/server.yml
  root: "/srv/softwareheritage/vault_cache"
root@vault:~# rm -rf /srv/softwareheritage/vault_cache
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