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Provide read-only access to production servers
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Now the production is "isolated" behind the firewall, all the services are not directly accessible for the VPN environments.

The team needs access to the production services to test the behavior of the developments with real data.

What is needed :
for staging and production networks, access to


read-only storage[x] [1][x] webapp1:5002 / [x] moma:5002
read-only indexer_storage [2][x][x] saam:5007
read-only-search [2][x] [1][x] webapp1:5010 / [x] moma:5010
read-only-scheduler [2][x][x] saatchi:5008
graph backend [3]N/

[1] The service is not deployed on this environment and needs to be configured
[2] There is no existing read-only mode for this module. To not slow down the team, the access will be opened as before the network migration until a read-only mode is developed
[3] The main instance is read-only. No staging instance available.

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vsellier created this task.
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@vsellier, could you also open a read access to the scheduler service ? I will need it to work on T3127.

Sure, there is actually only a read-write access, but I will reopen it.

It misses a documentation somewhere to list the urls of the services for staging and production before closing

And swh-graph too, please

Done (on the main instance, which is read-only)

vsellier moved this task from in-progress to done on the System administration board.