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Visualize metadata of a deposit in the admin (moderation) view
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At the moment we are not ready to show metadata in the main app.
Nevertheless, deposit clients need to verify the metadata they have provided is correctly archived in SWH.

For this there are a few options:

  • a metadata box that will appear when in the moderation view when clicking on the deposit number
  • a deposit-metadata page (too much work in my opinion)
  • a panel opening under the deposit line

Other question, which metadata to show:

  1. the raw input from the deposit storage
  2. the complete "row" from the ERMDS with metadata-identifier and meta-metadata

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Easiest option would be to add a link to the API endpoint.

Not great UI, but it's the easiest to implement and it's only for admins anyway

@anlambert here is the task we have briefly discussed as step 2 this morning