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Allow filtering out test deposits on the deposit admin page
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(I'm not sure why this administration page is in swh.web and not swh.deposit, but here goes)

The page shows a bunch of test deposits, created by our end to end infrastructure testing.

For now, while the deposit "throughput" is low, these deposits are quite preeminent and clutter the interface.

We should add a toggle to allow filtering them out.

I think this feature request can be adequately turned into adding a "filter by depositing entity" feature.

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A generic way to address this feature is by adding "exclusion" criteria to the existing "inclusion" criteria.

The current UI allows to filter results to include only those matching a certain string entered in the "Search" box.

We should add a dual filter to exclude items that match a certain pattern, entered in an "Excluding" box; multiple patterns must be supported.
This box can be pre-filled with the pattern corresponding to test deposits.

(I'm not sure why this administration page is in swh.web and not swh.deposit, but here goes)

There has been previous discussions about this, I don't recall the details though.
It's related to T1170 (and its parent tasks) if we ever wanted to dig more.

ardumont added a comment.EditedFri, May 22, 7:08 PM

Well, I tried but failed so far... [1]

I successfully injected a dom element to have an actual text box search like
dedicated to an exclusion pattern (<- there is actually no way that i could see
to configure the dataTable thing to do it otherwise).

Then trying to make the search works with both including and excluding pattern
was actually full of... failures...

Well, at least from the integration test point of view.
I'll let it rest a bit for now.

[1] P679 with my tryout, well the last iteration of it

D3176 landed, packaged, deployed.

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