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Save code now email notification for submitter
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│14:39:31     +olasd | it's not going to be an easy thing to implement                                                             │
│14:40:32     +olasd | (currently, in the backend, save code now looks "just like a regular origin update", and we have no         │
│                    | provisions to hook into the completion of these events)                                                     │
│14:41:04     +seirl | % mkdir swh-signals                                                                                         │
│14:41:21   moranegg | to track when the origin was ingested?                                                                      │
│14:41:30     +seirl | to know when to send the email                                                                              │
│14:41:32     +olasd | to trigger the email notification, yeah                                                                     │
│14:42:14     +olasd | (and ideally, you want the notification to trigger when the origin is visible on the read-only copy, so     │
│                    | really you'd need to hook into postgresql replication *mindsplosion*)

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So, these days, the frontend could keep a database of mail addresses and have a journal client listening to completed origin visit states, triggering an email send after checking that the visit is indeed available on the read-only replica.

Still slightly complicated, but I guess it's doable without architectural changes now.

I'd want to hook that up only to confirmed email addresses too, so that means keycloak integration for the initial request; again, sounds doable.

Nice to see that this is becoming doable. I'm adding T2219 as a prerequisite to this task.