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Display snapshots with only releases (or a release as HEAD branch)
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15:15:56 <+vlorentz> anlambert: We think we found an issue in swh-web:$562 returns None when the HEAD branch is a Release (or alias to Release) instead of a Revision (or alias to Revision)
15:16:47 <+vlorentz> so we get stuff like this on all snapshots generated by package loaders >= 1.0.0:
15:17:23 <+vlorentz> even though they work fine via the API
15:17:51 <+vlorentz> what do you think would be the right fix for this?
15:17:53 <+vlorentz> ardumont: ^
15:18:05 <+ardumont> context: in staging, we "released" the "make the loader package build synthetic release (and no longer revision ones)"
15:18:22 <+ardumont> (well loaders)
15:19:18 <+ardumont> P1216 for some dataset to reproduce