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Investigate stream-based execution model as a replacement for current scheduler/celery/task based approach
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This task is dedicated to start a discussion on the opportunity to replace part/all our (celery) task-based architecture for handling background processing of the archive.

First come in mind replacing the task-based indexers by (kafka) journal consumer ones. But we should consider the whole scheduler/celery/task model as well.

Also, we should not stick to kafka for now. Let's have in mind all the reasonable alternatives, with pros/cons of each one of them.

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A few notes


NATS is an open-source messaging system written in Go. In the context of this discussion, we want to focus on NATS Streaming, which implements some/most of the basic requirements we need.

See for example:

There is also a bunch of other tools using NATS as backbone:

  • nRPC: nRPC is an RPC framework like gRPC, but for NATS.
  • Xbus is a high-level application messaging on top of NATS (written mostly by Christophe Devienne whom I know quite well).

Some related work : (a Python stream processing environment inspired by KafkaStreams)

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