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Deploy swh-search v0.4.1 in staging
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Deploy the new 0.4.1 version with the fix for the has_visit status.

According D4818, the basic migration can be done like this :


  • curl -XPOST "https://localhost:9200/origin/_update_by_query" -d'{"script": {"inline": "ctx._source.has_visits = false", "lang": "painless"}}'
  • reset the offset of the swh-search client on the swh.journal.objects.origin_visit_status topic

This is correct, but doing like this, the search will not be completely accurate until the backfill of the origin_visit_status topic is done.
It's not important currently as the swh-search is not really used in production, but it's the opportunity to test a way to do such reindexation smoothly.

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