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Enable the journal-writer for the swh-idx-storage in staging
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equivalent of T2780 but for the staging

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vsellier triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 26 2020, 5:40 PM
vsellier created this task.
vsellier claimed this task.

The swh-indexer stack is deployed on staging and the initial loading is done.
The volumes are quite low :

 % for topic in $(./ --bootstrap-server $SERVER --list | grep indexed)                                                         
  echo -n "$topic : "
  ./  --broker-list $SERVER --topic $topic | awk -F: '{s+=$3}END{print s}'

swh.journal.indexed.content_metadata : 4
swh.journal.indexed.origin_intrinsic_metadata : 20
swh.journal.indexed.revision_intrinsic_metadata : 20

IMO, This task can be closed, but the retention / partitioning still have to be defined