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create and publish xmlns schema for the specific swh-deposit metadata
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In the metadata-only spec a TODO reside with the following action:
publish schema at

which is followed with this example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <entry xmlns=""
      <codemeta:name>The assignment problem</codemeta:name>
      <codemeta:identifier>other identifier, DOI, ARK</codemeta:identifier>
          <codemeta:name> author1 </codemeta:name>
          <codemeta:affiliation> Inria </codemeta:affiliation>
          <codemeta:affiliation> UPMC </codemeta:affiliation>
          <codemeta:name> author2 </codemeta:name>
          <codemeta:affiliation> Inria </codemeta:affiliation>
          <codemeta:affiliation> UPMC </codemeta:affiliation>
          <swh:origin url=''/>

We should choose a better url for the schema.
I think there is a draft for that somewhere, but not sure where.

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@vlorentz can you take this task ?
It is not a high priority, but you have a good eye with xml and metadata.