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Modify redirection on
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The following link is redirecting to a blog post about the SWHID:

We would like to use this link as a uri for a PropertyID with or codemeta.json.

It might be already used and can break things, even thought for persistence, it would be better to redirect to a persistent location/content.

Please advise @zack @rdicosmo

@anlambert can you check the logs to see if it is used?

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moranegg triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 3 2020, 11:07 AM
moranegg created this task.

I've no specific advice here, as I wasn't aware that shorturl/SLUG existed, so I don't know where it might be used.
As a general comment, using such a "memorable" shorturl for a blog post doesn't seem like a good idea, as blog posts age pretty quickly.
So I'm in favor of removing it, but don't know how to evaluate the impact of doing so.
(For what is worth: I don't think that using it as a URI in the context you need it in is incompatible with having it being a valid URL pointing to something else, but I agree it would be weird, because some people will load it in their browsers for trying it out.)