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Web UI: support resolution of external pointers into the archive
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Once we have well-defined external identifiers pointing into the archive (T335), the Web UI will need to be able to resolve them, ideally, as a simple redirection.

Example (tentative, as the final identifier scheme isn't finalized yet):

  • /browse/swh:1:rev:34973274ccef6ab4dfaaf86599792fa9c3fe4689 → /browse/revision/34973274ccef6ab4dfaaf86599792fa9c3fe4689

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For the deposit and the CCSD we have agreed on this url:

will it be possible to have the optional params with the new url?

  • archive.s.o/browse/swh-id?origin_type=type&origin_url=url
  • archive.s.o/browse/swh:1:rev:34973274ccef6ab4dfaaf86599792fa9c3fe4689?origin_type=type&origin_url=url

@moranegg's question is most likely for @anlambert, but FWIW it would in no way break the proposal here.
As per URI semantics, one can always add a trailing ?foo=bar to any URL, and it'd make sensible to do so here.

zack mentioned this in Unknown Object (Maniphest Task).Jan 15 2018, 3:05 PM
anlambert changed the task status from Open to Work in Progress.Jan 23 2018, 2:05 PM

@moranegg the resolution of swh persistent identifiers is now implemented in browse and deployed to production. Query parameters used in the previous URI scheme are of course supported (for instance: