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Add access from one docs dimension to another
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We have now three dimensions following three personas for documentation:

In each dimension we need access to the other dimensions and/or access to a higher level page giving access to these dimensions.

  • devel to sys-adm
  • sys-adm to devel
  • devel to user
  • user to devel
  • sys-adm to user
  • user to sys-adm

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moranegg created this task.

Small discussion about a possible implementation of this:

16:49 <+olasd> ardumont: morane's point is not about having cross links to individual pages; it's about having an entry point and cross referencing the docs *instances* overall
16:49 <+olasd> intersphinx doesn't solve that
16:51 <+ardumont> for the main point, i recall we discussed a while back having an index page which would display the main doc instances (user, sysadm, devel)
16:51 <+moranegg> This is a good solution, if each page has a link to this parent page
16:51 <+ardumont> today we have a redirect from docs.s.o to docs.s.o/devel
16:52 <+ardumont> that may probably need to go away and have that main page instead

+1 on dropping the / -> /devel/ redirect and have at / a landing page allowing to choose between the 3 bodies of documentation.

But note that we will also need an easy way to go back to the main landing page from any page in the doc, because currently it seems that clicking on the logo on any doc page leads back to the homepage of *that* body of documentation (e.g., the logo from any /devel page links back to /devel/, not to /).