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Create features/services page on the website connecting to archive/docs
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a "features" page on the website (which can be under About or under Archive)

list of services (similar or identical to the list of services in the left menu on the web-app)

Each feature/service needs:

  • a name
  • a short description
  • a link to the feature
  • on the target page should be available or linked:
    • a short/long description of the feature
    • a how to use the feature guide (as a web-app user)
    • a link to the dev docs (module) "in charge" of this feature
    • a link to the dev docs about the feature
  • on the target page should be available or linked:
    • a description of the module's scope and operations
    • a how to use/implement /contribute guide
    • a tutorial if available
    • a link to the forge's tasks/project

How to guides options:

  • how to use the feature (as a web-app user)
  • how to use/implement the feature in a workflow (with the API)
  • how to contribute to the feature
  • Tutorials are different from How To Guides and should be listed if available.
  • Tutorials are a step by step, detailed explanation to get started.
  • How to guides are to solve a specific problem.

Here are the tutorials I know of in SWH: (about hacking on an SWH instance) (about running a SWH instance) (about deposit with cli) (about save code now) (about FUSE)

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The features page is online and accessible for admins and ambassadors to get feedback:

The page is now reviewed and updated.

The page is ready for a last verification and a volunteer to improve the image resolution (which I can manage to do).

We would like to publish this page on Novmeber 22nd.