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Create strategy for documentation with a map or a full table of content
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Since we have many entry points we should review the current map of documentation and create a uniformed strategy for what goes where and for whom.

What do we have?

What are we missing?

  • clear strategy what goes where
  • links from one location to another
  • permanent homes for important/useful information

Proposed solutions

The March documentation mini-sprint
presentation of strategy

Docs - main page

  • (can be use/usage/services)
  • (divided in the page by themes and personas)
Docs for contributors

in relatively good shape:

Docs for users -> To be created

Usage as a service (not the tools)

  • Getting started (tutorials)
    • searching an origin
    • browsing code
  • Guides (How to)
    • get and choose a swhid
    • list visits
    • save code now
      • with the web platform
      • with the API
    • search metadata
    • deposit software source code on partner platform
      • HAL
      • IPOL
  • Explanation => FAQ for visitors on website?
    • why SWH?
    • architecture
    • pull vs push
    • delay/lag
    • ...
Docs for sys-admins (for deployment) -> To be created
  • Getting started
    • clone repo and puppet
    • vagrant
    • credentials
    • link to the phabricator tuto in devel doc
  • Guides (How to)
    • Debian packaging
    • Database deployment
    • Deploying a lister
    • Keycloak?
  • Explanation
    • Infrastructure
    • Staging


  • symlink vers docs/README.rst
  • docs/README.rst included in docs/index.rst, like:
 .. _swh-fuse:

.. include:: README.rst

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Overview

   Design notes <design>
   Tutorial <tutorial>
   API reference </apidoc/swh.fuse>

Install a redirect link in the migrated page from the wiki, for example:

#REDIRECT [[swhdocs:devel/contributing/git-style-guide.html]]


  • FAQ for visitors-> to be created on website (on
  • FAQ page on should be more technical - to answer contributors questions
  • add link from main docs page to FAQ
  • links from each section (devel, sysadm, user) to dedicated parts in FAQ or visitor's FAQ on website
  • add link to docs FAQ page from website FAQ


  • Keep internship and bibliography pages in wiki
  • Do not delete pages - add link to new location and add deprecated announcement on wiki page
  • Triage pages in wiki T3035
    • Review full content (bibliography)
  • Move devel/sys-admin pages to docs (sensible info should stay private on intranet or in a private section in docs)
  • Main page
    • Update to better reflect the information in wiki
    • Add links to specific sections in docs and on website
    • Add links to website, archive and docs
  • Hide WG pages from main page (will be added when group is activated)
  • Restructure navigation


  • add links
    • from to Web API
    • from Web API to
    • from directly to endpoints
  • have more visible access to endpoints on Web API page
  • what to do with archive help page:
    • redirect to when it is created


  • add services page to link to features, docs and guides
  • review blog post case by case and find permanent home for information
  • simplify diagrams from presentations: swh-dataflow-merkle

Next pragmatic steps

Step 1: Be exhaustive and clear on tasks
Step 2: Provide structures and links between locations
Step 3: Improve current diff requirements to include documentation of change
Step 4: Re-organize existing information
Step 5: Write missing guides and information

Event Timeline

moranegg created this task.

For whoever who want to work on this (and on doc restructuring in general), I recommend to watch this talk: , which provides a good taxonomy of the kind of docs that exist. Our GSoD 2019 application page also contains a lot of useful related work.

@zack very good video!
Here is a short summary from the video (Daniele Procida) and from Divio's documentation website:
Four different functions:

I'm going to open a task to try this approach with the deposit documentation.

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moranegg changed the task status from Open to Work in Progress.Feb 10 2021, 4:34 PM

The strategy is defined in this task.
The creation of the strategy is now resolved.