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add a "Filter Pull Requests" checkbox (or similar) in the Branches view of an origin in the web UI
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Currently, looking for a tag using the Web UI for an active github project is very annoying because pull requests are stored as branches. For example, when a user ask question on the release vs. tag on the DGtal repository, it's almost impossible to find the tags stored in SWH for this repository because one has to click the "next" button a tremendous number of times before reaching the /ref/tag/ "section" (without any obvious way of "fast-forwarding")

Note that this is not the same as T2459, which copes with this problem from loader point of view. But whenever this later task is done, we still have existing snapshots with gazillions of "PR branches".

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douardda created this task.

maybe a generic widget allowing to select the "directory" to show in the branches view, For example, in this DGtal repository, it would propose a dropbox with the following items:

  • /ref: show all the branches
  • /ref/heads show only branched under this "path"
  • /ref/pull id.
  • /ref/tags id.

You're absolutely right that this is a different concern than T2459, because even when we will fix that we will not rewrite history.
On the other hand the heuristic that the loader will us is probably related to what you want here: you'll want to filter out by default the same refs that the (new) loader will filter out, and have an option to unfilter them (mostly useful for old snapshots).
If we have that, will you still want the fine-grained filtering that you mentioned above? I'm inclined to think it would be overkill. YMMV.

I don't mind a "quick" solution that fixes the problem right now, and revisit it once we have T2459 fixed. Not sure I agree with the statement that my proposal in the comment is "fine-grained" though. I mean I suggest nothing fancy, just a few entries in a dropbox which content is built from the "directories" of the branch names.

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The feature is now deployed to production. Pull request branches are now filtered out from browse views of swh-web.