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Improve archived object browsing page design
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Several improvements can be added to the pages related to archived object (content, directory, revision, snapshot) browsing:

  • in a general manner, remove the large text in the top bar when browsing an object as this is quite aggressive to the eyes and can be displayed in a lighter way
  • remove the "Actions" dropdown menu and replace its actions (Download, Take a new snapshot, Show metadata) by simple and more visible buttons
  • Only offer the "Download as git" and "Show metadata" action for authenticated users (our git fastexport cooker is not really stable and metadata are mostly here for development purposes)
  • When current revision info is available when browsing an object, display it somewhere in the page (separate box ? replacing directory table header as GitHub ?)
  • Modify design of origin/snapshot context views: use tabs to navigate between visits, source code, branches list and releases list (see proposed design as a reference)

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