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At the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), we use a (based on Gitea) to host all our code and websites. This includes a full archive of the commits to which definitely has some historical value ;)

How could this be achieved? I learnt that there is no connector from Gitea to Software Heritage, but perhaps there is some automatic scanner for the public repos we host.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources (mostly regarding Go skills) to come up with a patch for Gitea's code, but I would be happy to assist, test, and give feedback!

PS: @zack asked me to file a feature request for my inquiry here. If I did not sort/label my request correctly, please feel free to edit.

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Thanks for submitting this request. There's a good chance that this can be the same lister as gogs: T1721.

There's a public Repository API:, so I guess the only thing missing is a lister on our side.

This looks like a cross between GitHub and GitLab's APIs, shouldn't be too hard for someone to quickly implement it in our codebase.

Unfortunately,'s API is hidden behind auth so I can't confirm that the responses actually have the same shape between gogs and gitea.

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I've add multiple looks to the proposed gitea lister.
This looks fine to me, i've accepted it but not completely.
If some other team member could do a second pass, that'd be neat.


now we have the gitea lister, we should (upgrade swh.lister on prod and) add a few listing tasks, like this fsfe instance, as well as other instances like

discussions on having lists of public gitea instances:


Ok I was expecting something a bit smart in, but not really:

Also beware that the default pagination value in the gitea lister is 3 ($23) so it is very slow.

So when a gitea listing task is about to be added, make sure to give this limit argument a decent value (eg. 100)

douardda raised the priority of this task from Wishlist to High.Aug 27 2020, 4:28 PM

Can this be closed now? What's missing? Adding a listing task?

The lister is deployed, this forge is not listed though ( is).

I've sent an email to the fsfe.

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Listed (oneshot full + recurring incremental) and loaded (as far as I can tell).