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staging infra: Reproduce existing production setup in a compact way
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Dependency order to follow

  1. swh-storage (db)
  2. swh-objstorage (disks)
  3. swh-web
  4. swh-scheduler (db)
  5. swh-deposit (db)
  6. 1 worker with at least 1 loader
  7. 1 worker with a least 1 lister (to list some basic public instances)
  8. swh-vault


  • Should be a matter of creating the right branch ('staging' for example )in swh-site's repository
  • calling the right environment when `puppet agent --test --noop --environment='staging'

Event Timeline

ardumont created this task.Wed, Jul 3, 2:14 PM
ardumont triaged this task as High priority.