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Cleanup deprecated configuration code in swh modules
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Once every swh modules have been deployed, we should cleanup the tasks submodule's collaborator (lister/loader/indexer)'s no longer useful configuration.

Once again, one step closer to T1410, T826.

Also cleanup the remaining dangling debian/ tree arborescence in every module's master branch (debian packaging in swh modules starts in debian/unstable-swh branch now).
Most if not all of the debian packaging should have been fixed once T1525 is done.

Then package and redeploy.

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I recall doing all the extra work needed to move away from the SWHConfig in
production (and use SWH_CONFIG_FILENAME declared in the systemd service
definition T1531). The docker-compose also declares the SWH_CONFIG_FILENAME
variable as well (check environment > SWH_CONFIG_FILENAME entry). [1] [2]

So remaining deprecated code should be centralized around moving away from the
SWHConfig mixin inheritance. Here is what needs to be dropped/migrated then:

$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-core/swh/core/ SWHConfig:
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-deposit/swh/deposit/ swh.core.config import SWHConfig
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-deposit/swh/deposit/ APIConfig(SWHConfig):
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-deposit/swh/deposit/loader/ swh.core.config import SWHConfig
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-deposit/swh/deposit/loader/ DepositChecker(SWHConfig):
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-deposit/swh/deposit/ swh.core.config import SWHConfig
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-deposit/swh/deposit/ BaseApiDepositClient(SWHConfig):
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-indexer/swh/indexer/ swh.core.config import SWHConfig
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-indexer/swh/indexer/ BaseIndexer(SWHConfig, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-indexer/swh/indexer/ swh.core.config import SWHConfig
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-indexer/swh/indexer/ RecomputeChecksums(SWHConfig):
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-lister/swh/lister/core/ ListerBase(abc.ABC, config.SWHConfig):
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-loader-core/swh/loader/core/ BaseLoader(config.SWHConfig, metaclass=ABCMeta):
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-loader-core/swh/loader/package/ swh.core.config import SWHConfig
$SWH_ENVIRONMENT_HOME/swh-loader-core/swh/loader/package/        self.config = SWHConfig.parse_config_file()

[1] prod/staging:
[2] docker: