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Setup a sentry service
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I think I've mostly coerced sentry, at url, into working. I used the opportunity to start refactoring the way apache is handled in our puppet environment, as well as slowly migrating some vhosts to Let's Encrypt.

All in all I've spent way too much time on some stupid docker-compose environment variables stuff, and the (afaik, advertised) way I set the kafka broker URIs was never taken into account. *sigh*.

User accounts are self-service for now. We should be able to integrate with keycloak using the OIDC plugin by Siemens: (I'll avoid mentioning why this hasn't been integrated by upstream, the mind boggles...)

The next steps would be:

  • looking at the phabricator integration (which at this point only allows to create tasks (manually) from sentry)
  • figure out how to do repository integration
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Sentry is now available at

(Basic) integration has landed for most services.

For now, you need to create an account by going to the "request to join" tab and following the instructions.

I'll create followup tasks for the rest of the things we want to do.