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Authored by borisbaldassari on May 26 2021, 11:54 AM.



Introduce the "getting started with the SWH API" document, as showed on [1]. This is basically a rst export of the document, with minor fixes to remove name/castalia header.


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I did not read everything yet, i'm posting my few comments (right now so i don't forget later) which are mostly nitpicks or typos.

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nitpicks, we tend to:

  • use black to format our base code, might as well show it the same way in samples.
  • (for some time now) use the f-string syntax since it's allowed by the python version we develop with (3.7 onwards).
vlorentz added a subscriber: vlorentz.

Looks good to me. I have a bunch of pedantic comments (terminology and ReST syntax) though, see below.

IMO the filename should be: docs/getting-started/api.rst to avoid redundancy

And please follow for the title hierarchy (start with ======)

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Use references instead of external links:

You'll need to edit swh-dataset's documentation to add an anchor there first

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Isn't this description redundant with the data model?

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This assumes a virtualenv to work.

Could you either mention virtualenvs in the documentation, or update it to work also without a virtualenv (you just need to rename python to python3 and pip to pip3)?

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what is \*? Shouldn't it be a list?

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Only to branches and releases. Revisions and content are only linked indirectly

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"associated" implies a mutual relationship

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they are not the contents themselves, as "name" and "perms" are part of the directory manifest, not the content

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Uncomment / remove?

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Use a reference here too (you'll need to add an anchor in swh-vault's documentation)

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This revision now requires changes to proceed.May 28 2021, 4:24 PM
borisbaldassari marked 22 inline comments as done.
  • Merge branch 'master' into T3339_getting_started_api
  • Fix url to https in sphinx.rst.
  • Fix api getting started + rename file.
  • More fixes to api getting started.


One last thing:


should should be just api, as the file was renamed

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mon, Jul 19, 3:59 PM
  • Merge branch 'master' into T3339_getting_started_api
  • Fix wrong index after api rename.

@vlorentz Thanks for the review! Updated diff with your last comment (api in index.rst). I squashed commits and am ready to push to master, as soon as you tell me to.

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Well, it's a subset of concepts needed to quickly understand the document, instead of the big, comprehensive but complex, data model. When I'm reading a getting started, I don't want to have to swallow the full mindblowing range of great concepts, I just want to get started, so.. If I may stand up for that, I will, otherwise I'll cut the description short as proposed (and that would be ok ;-).

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I'd say that "no assumption" is the way to go, so applied what you proposed (no virtualenv).

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It should indeed!

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Fixed for the f-string syntax, but I'm not sure about the fix for the black formatting. All code blocks have been switched from ipython3 to python, hope it will fix it.