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Add a keyspace_queue fixture to prepare keyspaces concurrently.

Authored by vlorentz on Fri, Jan 31, 4:06 PM.


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Keyspace creation + initialization with a schema takes about 60% of the
total time to run a test.
This new fixture runs keyspace creation concurrently to tests,
so other tests can run while a keyspace is being created.

Depends on D2566.

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Build 15498: arc lint + arc unit

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vlorentz created this revision.Fri, Jan 31, 4:06 PM
ardumont accepted this revision.Mon, Feb 3, 10:29 AM
ardumont added a subscriber: ardumont.

Worth a try i guess.

The diff's job seems to fail though (triggered a rebuild from jenkins).

Trying to check the difference on my box as well.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mon, Feb 3, 10:29 AM

Build has FAILED

i reproduce this here as well...

E cassandra.cluster.NoHostAvailable: ('Unable to connect to any servers', {'': OperationTimedOut('errors=None, last_host=None')})

Seems to be the root of the problem.
Initial tests seem to be fine up to the point where the connection refuses to establish again.

Also, that's not the only problem i had.
On another run which got further, hypothesis found a falsifiable sample...
Relatedly to timing apparently.

Falsifying example: test_add_arbitrary(
    self=< at 0x7fed490336d8>,
    swh_storage=< at 0x7fed0c2c47b8>,
      Content(sha1=b'\t&\xc1\xd5!f\xd1O\x1879\xb3\xe0\x94\xeb\xcb\xf9d\x1bl', sha1_git=b'\xf6\x93\xe5\x00\xe2\xa4\xc4\xc9<\x12\x1d\x8d\x0eN\xb9\x01O\xca\x11<', sha256=b'\xaf\xbd\xc7\xf4Nt8@u\nQ\xcbN\x96|Q\xd1}\xf9]\xa8\xbf\xb6\x11"\xabHV\x16[\xa2\x85', blake2s256=b'\t\x07\xc2\xec\x8c \xd9`\x11\xc0\xe6\xe3\xf8\xa2\xd6\x95=\xf3\xccE\xff\xfa:\x1d\xbf\x08\xee\xf3q\x0b\xe4J', length=60, status='absent', reason='&\x1b', data=None, ctime=None)),
      OriginVisit(origin='http://m0w-.o0k-.iq59897v', date=datetime.datetime(593, 3, 28, 1, 1, 58, 553680), status='partial', type='\x0c"\x06\x08\x18!\U00062918\x1f\x19\U0009e77f', snapshot=b'', metadata=None, visit=351))],
Unreliable test timings! On an initial run, this test took 6727.64ms, which exceeded the deadline of 5000.00ms, but on a subsequent run it took 11.29 ms, which did not. If you expect this sort of variability in your test timings, consider turning deadlines off for this test by setting deadline=None.

It may have fallen on the case in-between keyspace creation so that took more time?

It just means Cassandra crashed in the middle of the tests.

vlorentz updated this revision to Diff 9350.Mon, Feb 3, 11:56 AM
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This is stupid. Replaced by D2615.

vlorentz abandoned this revision.Mon, Feb 3, 12:26 PM