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Implement GitLab lister
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As explained in, it's possible to contribute listers for other source code hosting services than GitHub and BitBucket. Since GitLab was not mentioned, please allow me to just put this "onto the radar", so to speak.

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Heya, thanks for the bug report!

GitLab is definitely on our radar, both in its .com version and on the ability to list any GitLab instance out there. I'm surprised we didn't have a bug report for this already, so thanks a lot for reporting it :-)

If you're willing to, or know someone else that would be willing to, help us out with implementing a GitLab lister, that would really help moving this forward sooner!

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Awesome! While you replied here, I wrote which this task felt necessary to create first :-D

Hi Katrin, just replied to your message with a more detailed overview of what is needed, adding it here too for reference

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