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Browse origin: give some love to the "calendar" view
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[This task needs some discussion to know where we're going, before implementation]

In the original blueprint for the browse UI, the graph view was supposed to represent, for each visit, the rate of change of the repository : the original idea was to show the following :

  • dots, or fine lines vertical lines, to mark the dates of subsequent visits, either successful (green), partial (orange), unsuccessful (red)
  • a line showing the rate of change of the repository: the intent was for the line height to be proportional to the number of objects changed since the last visit, thus showing an arbitrary metric for the relative activity of the repo over time.

Again using the example of, the current graph shows a lot of bars, and they're really hard to understand.

I think that, alongside with T959, we should rethink and streamline how we present the history of our origins.

We could again take inspiration from the Internet Archive's yearly calendar view, which shows a synthetic view of the history of a webpage. The graph on top of the page shows the number of crawlings they've made to the site over time, but I think the size of the calendar dots represents the size of the "diff to previous crawl".