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Browse origin: Allow finer filtering of visits
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The Debian origins are a good example of why this feature request would be useful :

In the current implementation of the Debian lister/loader, we register a visit on each package, each and every day, even if none of the versions of the package available in Debian have changed. This makes for a lot of links that don't point to meaningful visits : a lot of subsequent visits will point to an identical snapshot.

The critical info for origins, that should probably be shown regardless of the status, is:

  • date of the first successful visit (= date of appearance)
  • date of the latest successful visit (= date of disappearance)
  • date of the latest visit (= are we up to date or not?)

For the full list, it'd be nice to be able to filter out the visits by "usefulness", and I see at least three useful levels:

  • (default) "show only successful visits that point to a snapshot different than the previous one" (maybe with a date range between first and last visit that point to the same snapshot)
  • ("expand") "show all successful visits" (expanding the date ranges)
  • ("all") "show all visits" (which would show even the failed visits)