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onboarding Lunar
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ref. checklist:


  • give out Software Heritage t-shirt and stickers !


  • Inria access badge and office keys
  • Sign PV d’installation
  • Create Inria account
  • Cantine card
  • transportation expenses
  • Add picture (150x150px) and short bio to the people page (proposition sent to Marla on 2022-08-31)
  • Review the team charter

Technical setup

  • Create *nix account and email alias on project machines (swh-site puppet repo)
  • Set *nix password for the account (swh-private-data puppet repository)
  • Set up email forwarding on gandi (bchauvet@ and benoit.chauvet@)
  • Configure printer:
    • If the machine was configured through puppet: add printer alias per *nix account mapping *nix account to the inria’s ldap account if different
    • Otherwise, check the SIC documentation. If the page looks empty/broken, make sure you select “Space language: French” (the English translation is missing)
  • Create Phabricator account
    • add user to phabricator projects: Developers, Staff, Reviewers, Interns
  • VPN access (in progress, credentials sent, waiting for the configuration)
  • HTTP auth credentials for the intranet wiki
  • Create account on the intranet wiki
  • Create account on the public wiki

Extra steps for sysadm:
Add GPG key to password manager
Add GPG key to allow debian package upload (pergamon:/srv/softwareheritage/repository/conf/uploaders)


  • Subscribe to mailing lists:
    • swh-devel
    • swh-team
  • Invite to IRC channels
  • Create user page on the intranet (see example) with personal contact information
  • Subscribe to team calendar


  • Read data model
  • Read python modules structure
  • Follow getting started tutorial
  • Have make check and make test pass there in swh-environment
  • Configure arcanist and submit a first diff following the code review workflow

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