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Debian package for swh.loader.cvs
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Point of attention, there is a C module within (rcsparse).

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ardumont triaged this task as Normal priority.Dec 13 2021, 10:30 AM
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This has been done though the debian improvment tooling task [1].
Jenkins builds and uploads debian package as usual after a git tag on the repository.

There is now a python3-swh.loader.cvs [3] package in the swh debian repository.

[1] T3810



root@pergamon:~# apt-cache search python3-swh.loader.cvs
python3-swh.loader.cvs - Software Heritage CVS Loader
python3-swh.loader.cvs-dbgsym - debug symbols for python3-swh.loader.cvs
root@pergamon:~# cd /srv/softwareheritage/repository/
root@pergamon:/srv/softwareheritage/repository# reprepro ls python3-swh.loader.cvs
python3-swh.loader.cvs | 0.0.2-2~swh1~bpo10+1 | buster-swh | amd64
python3-swh.loader.cvs |         0.0.2-2~swh1 |        sid | amd64
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