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svn: Add missing coverage on svn implementation
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It appears SvnLoaderFromDumpArchive is missing actual tests (without mock).
That needs fixing.

As some recent tryout to try and instantiate revealed difficult.
That serves both the purpose to avoid:

  • code rot
  • document usage

That does not exclude the fact that the loader needs a better documentation as well.

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ardumont triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 22 2021, 12:11 PM
ardumont created this task.


import os

from import get_storage
from swh.loader.svn.loader import SvnLoaderFromRemoteDump
from swh.loader.svn.utils import init_svn_repo_from_dump

storage = get_storage(cls='memory')

archive_dump = '/tmp/0001-bee-repo.svndump.gz'

temp_dir, repo_path = init_svn_repo_from_dump(
    archive_dump, gzip=True
repo_url = f"file://{repo_path}"

loader = SvnLoaderFromRemoteDump(
    storage, repo_url
assert loader.load() == {"status": "eventful"}

does the job