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Index CITATION.cff files
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moranegg triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 2 2021, 5:09 PM
moranegg created this task.

Hello all, I'm one of the CFF co-leads. Let me know if you need help with anything.

I think we'll need to update the CodeMeta crosswalk to reflect the last version of CFF (1.1.0).
Also, we're in the process of extending the schema a bit, so I'm interested in learning how this works in general to be able to contribute updates later on.
Thanks for this initiative!

Hi @moranegg, Do you want us to use for parsing or just use its CITATION.cff file while testing(and parse everything using pyYAML)?

Hi @KShivendu, nice to see you claimed the task :-)
You don't have to use the cff-converter tool, but it can be a test (to ensure coherence).

Hey @moranegg I had a discussion yesterday with @vlorentz on this. We came to the conclusion that the cff-converter should be used as it might cover some edge cases as well. So what should we do now? Please guide.

In the task description there are two links, one to a blog post and another to the documentation.
If the docs aren't specific enough to complete the task, let us know, what is missing.
I prefer not to give further instructions to really see what is the limit of the documentation.
We are also trying to improve the documentation, so this would be a win win.

This comment was removed by KShivendu.

Hello again, seeing that you had asked about the crosswalk @KShivendu, and that we're currently in the process of creating a new CFF version, may I suggest that we put this on hold until we have at least updated the crosswalk to the currently latest version of CFF, 1.1.0?

Hey @sdruskat, I noticed that the current crosswalk.csv has CFF version 1.0.2. And I agree on keeping the crosswalk.csv file updated as much as possible. But to the best of my knowledge, updating the crosswalk.csv file later (when you are done with creating the new version) won't break anything here. Plus, I am new here and I am learning about metadata which is helping me write a better GSoC proposal.
Also, I can assure you that I will update the crosswalk.csv file myself if you want :)


Hey @KShivendu, thanks, sounds good. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey @sdruskat, I have a few questions : (1) Any idea of when will be the new version available and (2) when will be the crosswalk file updated to at least 1.1.0? (3) The newer version will be backwards compatible, right?


Hey @moranegg
I suggest the following modifications in adding-support-for-additional-metadata page:

  • python3 -m swh.indexer.metadata_dictionary MyMapping path/to/input/file doesn't work. Replace with swh indexer mapping translate cff path/to/input/file
  • Whenever adding new mappings, it has to be mentioned in the MAPPING_NAME variable of the swh/indexer/storage/ file which isn't mentioned in the documentation. (though it didn't throw error while testing or parsing) and in expected_output of test_cli_mapping_list
  • Mentioning a few examples about fields that are not string_fields
  • Elaborating how _traslate_dict function works. For example : it executes functions starting with 'normalize_'
  • Mention command : swh indexer mapping list-terms to display Supported CodeMeta terms
  • Add Youtube videos about JSONLD : JSON-LD Basics, JSON-LD: Core markup, Compaction and Expansion

Actually, I have many other patches in my mind. Should I create a diff to update the documentation?

Hey @KShivendu,
These are very good observation.

I would suggest first creating a task named "Update the metadata indexer documentation" with the tag documentation
In the task description you can copy the items above.
We can then discuss this on the relevant task (if you have other questions) and you can propose a diff with the related task.

Hey @sdruskat, I have a few questions : (1) Any idea of when will be the new version available and (2) when will be the crosswalk file updated to at least 1.1.0? (3) The newer version will be backwards compatible, right?


Sorry, I missed this somehow. We expect a new version to be released around late summer 2021. (2) I'll try to find some time to update until the end of April, and (3) yes, we expect the new versions to be backward-compatible.

Just to say I'm sorry I haven't made any progress here lately. Will get to it once CFF 1.2.0 is out the door. Has become a priority since GitHub and Zenodo now support it :).

@sdruskat Good news about the GitHub support.

This task was completed by @KShivendu and can be closed now.
Thanks for this discussion.

When CFF 1.2.0 is mapped to CodeMeta, we should consider updating this for indexation purposes.