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SWHID mishandling in Word and Outlook
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On Windows (tested on W10, but may be present in all versions), links to URLs containing qualified SWHIDs are mishandled in Word and Outlook: if one tries to follow the link by the usual Ctrl-click method, one gets a 404 on SWH.

To reproduce: here are two sample files, a .docx and a PDF generated from it

Clicking on the links in the PDF from Acrobat

works seamlessly.

Ctrl-clicking on the links in the .docx from Word

leads to a 404 (the URL has been mismangled somewhere on the W10/Word side)

Copying the link and pasting it in a browser works seamlessly

Mail messages in Outlook behave the same (bad) way.

It is clearly an issue on the W10/Word/Outlook side, maybe some anti-fishing protection, but unfortunately it makes us look bad.

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rdicosmo created this task.

It looks like the same issue as with the resolver: T2797#53633 so I have the feeling that it will bite us again in other use cases.

We could mitigate it the same way we did for extra/missing trailing slash in origin URL: rDWAPPS56fb869644ad45e0648f4ad45c07619d468019b4.

Nice, let me know when it's deployed and I will test if the problem is indeed fixed