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Use hashes for all kafka keys
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including origins, visits, visit statuses, and extrinsic metadata

currently we are using a mix of hashes, and dicts of bytes and str, so it's less than ideal.

It would also solve the issue we have to implement T2668.

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The following objects remain:

  • origin
  • origin_visit
  • origin_visit_status
  • metadata_fetcher
  • metadata_authority

At this point, metadata_fetcher and metadata_authority are basically churn that should get entirely folded into raw_extrinsic_metadata (same as person in revision/release). origin_visit is mostly redundant with its origin_visit_statuses and could probably go away as well.

Then remains origin and origin_visit_status. Now that we have an ExtendedSWHID for origin, we can probably use that (one could argue that origin is redundant with origin_visit(_status)?, but we still do have some origins with zero visits). origin_visit_status could get a raw_extrinsic_metadata-like manifest.


(and we should keep the origin topic; we already have an ExtSWHID for origins anyway)