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Remove date popups on the visit page when cursor doesn't point it anymore
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On the calendar shown on , a popup is displayed when my cursor points on a visit date. Since the popup hides all other dates, I need to wait for a timeout to get this popup removed.

This popup should only be displayed when the cursor points to it.

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It gets all the more annoying when that popup hides the other visits.
As in the following screenshot below [1], the popup rises and does not close.
Subsequently hiding the other visits [2]


[2] context without popup:

Shaking the mouse a bit and with some luck at a given angle, the popup finally gives up and closes though.

I found that the angle to attack the popup (to close it) is near the top angle of the arrow-shape like opening (if i'm making sense here).

I also experienced that annoying behavior by the past but could not find a viable solution to fix it at the time.

Anyway, I managed to workaround it by:

  • closing the popover when the mouse leaves the day that triggered the popover
  • closing the popover when the mouse leaves the popover

Still some cypress tests to write before pushing a diff.

awesome, thanks for the heads up.