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Specify dates schema when dealing with Legacy Software
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When the deposit contains software that was written many years ago but is encapsulated in a container that was created today, dating the content is tricky.
Here an example of the artifacts we receive in a deposit:

- metadata in xml
- zipped archive
    - Scilab 1.1
       - README
       - AUTHORS
       - LICENCE
       - src
            [legacy content]

src directory contains content created in 1980 while the root directory contains data created in 2019.
The idea is the following,
for v1:

  • create 1 revision A only with srccontent dated to 1980 with the extracted metadata in dateCreated.
  • create 1 revision B with the complete deposit root with deposit_date extracted from SWORD protocol when deposit is received.
  • B points to A

for v2:

  • create 1 revision C for srcv2
  • create 1 revision D for complete deposit root
  • C points to A
  • D points to B
  • C points to D
   A (1980) -----------C (1981)
     /              /
B (2019)-----------D(2019)

We need also to consider creating a branch for the synthetic_history (A+ C)
And see how we specify exactly which content is legacy inside the deposit itself.

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