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Test drive legacy software curation process
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We are test driving the curation process for legacy software on the Scilab use case.
This task keeps track of the key informations needed.



  • Each legacy release deposited in HAL is a new version of the same HAL deposit: this is essential to create in SWH the correct history through the corresponding synthetic commits.
  • In the metadata for the deposit in HAL we want to have the WikiData entity code, so that it will be possible later on to discover that theses deposits are all related to the same project described in Wikidata


  • We will use the Wikidata page to link the legacy versions of a software projects with the possible new versions of the same project that may be maintained in a VCS,

for Scilab, see

  • There is also information in the internal BIL database, but there is no curation process in place, so the information available there is potentially incomplete (for Scilab, it is almost non existent)