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Add end to end tests
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In order to ensure consistent behaviors across all web browsers and detect regressions, we should add end to end testing on the Web UI.

The standard tool to perform these tests is Selenium.
Another interesting tool for e2e testing is cypress.
We should review both of them and pick one to implement those tests.

That task is here to track the work on this subject.

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First of all, I think, we need to run the docker (with overridden swh-web) manually. And then run the selenium test cases. (I couldn't find a better approach). However, Jenkins may be configured to run these tests after running the docker-compose.

  • I plan to use pytest along with selenium for the end-to-end testing.
  • In the existing ./swh/web/tests/ directory add a directory 'selenium' which will contain all the test cases that will use selenium for the test cases. Create a new directory /swh/web/tests_selenium/ with all the selenium test cases.
  • I was thinking of starting end-to-end testing with adding test cases for XSS testing.
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