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move main website from www.s.o to s.o
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Our main (wordpress) website is running at, which is a bit retro for today's standards. We should move it to and put redirections in place from www.s.o to s.o.

Addressing this will make T1682 moot (as long as the new redirections work for both http:// and https://, that is).

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zack triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 23 2019, 9:58 AM
zack created this task.

@zack, I tried to handle that task but I do not have access to domains configuration from the Gandi interface.

@zack, I tried to handle that task but I do not have access to domains configuration from the Gandi interface.

Good point. I'm tagging this task for sysadms, so that $someone can give you the access credentials you need.
It might be wise to work on this hand-in-hand with some of them (next week?) to make sure we minimize down time, e.g., due to DNS propagation delays.

According to Gandi documentation, if we switch to their LiveDNS feature, there will be no downtime.

If you need to manage your DNS records on our website or make use of our automatic zone update features, you will need to be sure that your domain uses our LiveDNS nameservers.

To switch to our LiveDNS nameservers, use the link “Switch to Gandi’s LiveDNS nameservers” that you see on the Nameserver update page. This will then take you to the DNS records page, where we confirm that you want to make the switch

If you were previously using Gandi’s classic nameservers (,, we will copy the zonefile that you were using and will use that for your DNS records with LiveDNS. There will therefore be no downtime during this switch in this case.

olasd added a subscriber: olasd.May 14 2019, 2:18 PM

We're already using LiveDNS for the zone, so DNS switchover time should not be an issue (all the more so considering the -> redirect is half-broken already).

From what I can see, there isn't a way to rename a site, or automatically transfer the current data to the new site instance, on the Gandi interface. This will need to happen manually. This also means (afaict) manually switching the config over to the new database instance ? Maybe ? I don't see any database settings in the gandi interface...

As expected, the WordPress "change domain name" story is not great :, but it can be done with a bit of care.

Finally, we need to put in place proper redirects to keep our search engine standings, with all the old URLs redirecting to the new URLs with a 301 status code. I don't know what Gandi gives us access to, but we should probably do that with the solution that we have to setup for T1682 anyway.