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Add tests to loader-mercurial
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The loader-mercurial does not have tests (unit/integration).

(There is a verifier module which i don't use)

I'm using bare toplevel and repositories to make sure everything is fine but errors can slip through.

Add some.

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zack raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Oct 1 2018, 7:39 PM
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cc: @douardda , just because we discussed this today :)

ardumont closed this task as Resolved.Oct 10 2018, 2:45 PM
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(There is a verifier module which i don't use)

And now i do btw, example use is:

python3 -m swh.loader.mercurial.loader_verifier --verbose /home/storage/hg/repo/the-sandbox
DEBUG:swh.loader.mercurial.Bundle20Loader:Bundling at /home/storage/hg/repo/the-sandbox/HG20_none_bundle
DEBUG:root:getting contents
DEBUG:root:getting directories
DEBUG:root:getting revisions
DEBUG:root:getting releases
DEBUG:root:getting snapshot
DEBUG:root:Snapshot: {'id': b';\x8f\xe5\x8eF}\xebu\x97\xb1*_\xd3\xb2\xc0\x96\xb8\xc0 (', 'branches': {b'develop': {'target': b'\xa9\xc4SER\xdf7\x0fC\xf0\xef\x97\x14o9>\xf2\xf2\xa0\x8c', 'target_type': 'revision'}, b'HEAD': {'target': b'develop', 'target_type': 'alias'}, b'default': {'target': b'p\xe7P\xbb\x04a\x01\xfd\xce\xd0oB\x8es\xfe\xe4qP\x9cV', 'target_type': 'revision'}}}
DEBUG:swh.loader.mercurial.Bundle20Loader:Cleanup up working bundle /home/storage/hg/repo/the-sandbox/HG20_none_bundle
INFO:root:final count: cs 2 ds 3 revs 58 rels 0