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Deploy and restart indexers
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That means quite a lot of things to do, i can think of those steps:

  • stop indexers
  • rebuild packages
    • swh-storage
    • swh-indexer
    • swh-loader-core
    • swh-deposit
    • swh-web
  • Populate new db with the indexers' data (T870)
  • Create a new swh-indexer storage manifest (possibly reuse the existing one, need to check that)
  • Deploy new swh-indexer storage
  • Fix multiple errors when first deployment arises
  • Deploy fresh swh-indexer storage that works without errors :)
  • Adapt and make sure loader-deposit still works
  • Deploy swh-deposit and swh-loader-deposit accordingly
  • update indexers's manifest data to point to that new storage
  • update swh-web's manifest to add that new storage endpoint in its config
  • Deploy updates on all azure workers
  • Restart azure indexer workers
  • Deploy updates on all the remaining workers

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